Nintendo DS Lite - vynikající handheld

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Nindend DS (Lite) je vynikájí alternativa drahých handheldů, jako např. SONY PSP. NDS oproti PSP zaostává v grafice a možnosti přehrávat mp3 + videa. Avšak je možné dokoupit speciální moduly, které zmiňované funkce umožní i na NDS. Bohužel cena NDS + moduly se vyšplhá na cenovou úrověň PSP, možná ji i lehce překročí. Přesto pro mne NDS vyhrává na plné čáře a to díky revolučnímu ovládání přes dotykový display.
Nintendo DS Lite - dolní dotykový display, hra Animal Crossing: Wild World.
NDS má dva displeje (viz. obrázek). Dolní je dotykový. Funguje perfektně a supluje myš známou z PC. Díky tomuto ovládání je možné hrát větší spektrum žánrů her než na PSP. Na PSP si asi těžko zahrajete RTS nebo klasickou FPS. Určitě hry -automobilové závody, bojovky - mlátičky a různé arkády vypadají díky vynikající grafice na PSP špičkově. Já ale obětuji grafiku na úkor ovladatelnosti. Navíc i celkový design NDS Lite se mi víc líbí. Blžší technické údaje pro NDS: podpora WiFi, možno bez problémů hrát NDS to NDS síťové hry (častostačí jedna originální hra na jedno NDS, ostatní si data stáhnou do svých NDS). Dále pak Pictochat, snadný přístup k WiFi inetu. A tak dál.
Hra, které se věnuje tento blog - Animal Crossing: Wild World - je právě hrou pro NDS. Můžu ji hrát kdekoliv, kdykoliv, omezen jsem pouze bateriemi (až 6 hodin provozu).

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Package of Teds woodworking plans review
An image found on shows a boxed product, but the plans are actually a digital download

Teds plans seem to be mostly (if not all) taken from other publications.

These include universities, magazines, books and various websites​

At first I was a little peeved by this, but then when I thought about it I wasn't bothered as much

I mean this stuff seems to be happening all the time these days

For example, people selling compilation music albums of artists after the artists have died​

I mean if Ted owns all the rights to these plans and wants to sell them in a bundle then good luck to him

But does 'Ted' own the rights to sell these plans?

Are the Plans Offered in Teds Woodworking Plans Legal?
​There a few people -, woodworkweb, formeremortals and beesource calling Ted's Woodworking a scam and saying what is being offered is illegal

From what I can tell from the links above, they claim Ted is selling plans and information that does not belong to him

Now i'm no lawyer...
I personally don't know if this is or is not legal so I have tried to contact both 'Ted' and Clickbank but so far I haven't had a reply

Which is very bad form on both their parts

But at the same time, it is a very serious allegation for people to call Teds Woodworking plans 'illegal'

The dates on all of the posts above are dated around 2012, so for 'Ted' to still be in business and seemingly nothing to have happened to the product seems a little strange

From what I can tell Teds Woodworking plans offer is quite popular, and successful​. I'm sure some lawyer would love to get their teeth stuck into that.

But they haven't and they have had years to do so. So it makes me wonder....

What is the law that Teds Woodworking plans is supposedly breaking? And why hasn't anyone done anything about it?

Now as I said I'm no lawyer. I think on this one each of us has to make our own moral judgement.

If you've spent a few minutes looking at the links above and reading this post you are as informed as I am...

For me - until I hear different - all of this seems to be a storm in a tea cup. And if nothing has happened with the legal issue already, I can't see anything happening in the future

Why Else Some Bloggers are Not Happy with Ted's Woodworking...
Teds Woodworking is unpopular with a lot of online woodworkers. It stem​s mainly because of it's aggressive sales techniques

'Ted' is advertising a lot of places around the internet and he is always trying to sell his stuff - most notably on other bloggers websites

But to be truthful, I don't think it matters what Ted has done or didn't do

Most woodwork bloggers will ever be happy with offers and products like this...

It's a bit like McDonald's or Walmart coming to a small town. The town never likes the idea of it but most people can't afford to say no to the convenience, range and prices

Woodworking bloggers aren't going to be happy with Ted's Woodworking plans but Ted is going to keep selling his plans because people can't say no to a great offer like his

What About the Plans?
With all that out of the way lets talk plans

Firstly, if you haven't watch part 2 of my video on Opening Teds Woodworking plans. You can see first hand for yourself the plans that are included in the package

Personally, I dont think there is 16,000 plans. Although there is a lot (and i could be proven wrong) ​

But for $47 (see below) you can get a massive collection of woodworking plans... Let's face it this is much cheaper than anywhere else

You could subscribe to your favorite woodworking magazine for 10 years and still not come close to that

So if you are looking for an inexpensive way to get plans for your next woodworking projects then Ted's is a good option. Definitely worth some thought.​

​Not all the plans are the greatest, and the most detailed but from what I've seen half of them are pretty good

Below is a good illustration of the difference in the detail in Ted's Woodworking plans

taken from teds woodworking
These plans although detailed are not as user friendly as others. Although these ones do include a material list, not all plans in Teds woodworking do

You definitely can build this barn from this plan, however it isn't as simple as 'Ted' makes it out to be and you will need some prior building knowledge to build this
taken from teds woodworking plans
As you can see this plan is quite detailed and easy to read. It has many elevations, a 3D drawing, close ups, plenty of annotations and is in color

What Will I Do With the Plans?
We'll I am going to keep the plans for when i build my next shed. Just being able to print some of these off and give them to the permits office really appeals to me

Ill also use them to find new projects for the students in my wood technology classes

The good thing about having these plans is that the advanced kids will be able to read the plans and start work straight away. Leaving me more time to help those who require it

Overall, personally even though there is this cloud still hovering over the product for me that I dont have it

I'm glad I purchased Teds Woodworking plans

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